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A Residential General Contracting Company

Our 3-D modeling software, engineers, and skilled craftsman can bring your dream home from a vision to a reality

Add more space and alter your existing home to fit your exact needs without the need to buy, sell, and move.

Completely renovate your home while performing necessary maintenance, giving it a beautiful new look and added value.

Driven by the desire to
create a legacy…

We are a residential contracting company serving Portland and surrounding areas with a passion for building and a commitment to delivering nothing but the best products and services to the consumer. Maintaining our standards is driven by a desire to create a legacy for crafting structural havens for our customers, as well as a fulfilling career and an endlessly evolving skill set for our employees. This philosophy is apparent in our work. Each member of this organization does not merely consider construction their job, but rather a rewarding ability to create something out of nothing.

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Maintaining Standards

timely completion

At Paradise Construction we value the importance of an efficient and organized performance that can enable us to meet deadlines while providing a quality service

Fixed Pricing

Accurate estimation is done utilizing computer software as well as consistently monitoring material and supply pricing. Which in turn provides the ability to ensure a realistic, definite price.

Creating Something out of Nothing

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