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Interior Design Trends for 2020

Published: Wednesday, June 03, 2020

“What defines your house from outside speaks less than half for what defines it from the inside” Unknown.

Interior designing is not only a true representation of a house but also a reflection of its residents, their tastes, and most importantly their sense of style. It’s a never-ending process of continuous improvement that we will only keep seeing more of from time to time. Ranging from antique to modern, luxurious to urban, bohemian to nautical and Scandinavian to industrial, it is as we said a never-ending process.

For the year 2020, we have gathered the latest trends in the section of interior designing that we believe you should definitely discuss with your new construction contractor. So get started with searching online for ‘Construction Company near me’, because we have brought for you, the most amazing and latest interior designs that are sure to make you look for a custom home contractor.

1.     Customized Tone:

One of the emerging trends that we will get to see in the year 2020 is of ‘Customized Tones’. Although there are a variety of themes and colors circulating, we may get to see a lot of Earth Tones. This includes yellow ochre, olive green, charred orange, and wooden brown may see a rise in popularity. Accompanied by wooden furniture and shelves hosting green throughout the rooms, this warm and close to nature trend is expected to give local custom home builders some unique ideas to design customized interior tones.

2.     Rounded and Curvy Furniture:

A throwback to the 60 and 70s where organic and natural rounded shape of foamed furniture is going to make a comeback. The reemergence of curvy shapes of sofas, benches, and chaises are expected to brighten the living rooms with a modern twist. Since rounded furniture gives off a welcoming feeling that opens up mind for conversation, we may see free-form designs reaching their peak this year.

3.     Floral Wallpaper:

Perhaps we are going to see many vintage trends make strong comebacks. Custom home builders should invest some research time in floral wallpapers full of contemporary style and a wow factor that will leave the onlookers speechless. With vibrant and appealing colors, we can expect a modern twist in this old trend that will add personality and weight to the room. Since wallpapers have stood the test of time previously, we can expect to see this trend leave its mark for future generations to witness.

4.     Efficient Utilization of Space:

Since space is becoming scarce, it is now becoming all about better and efficient utilization of interior designs. Multifunctional rooms, desks, shelves, and countertops are now going to become popular. Since we have seen a rise in the trend of work from home and at-home learning; designing multifunctional rooms is going to eliminate the need for designing separate rooms that are dedicated for specific needs (like offices and workstations).

5.     Mixed Materials:

It’s not about a thorough and organic look anymore. Rather, amalgamation is setting its foot in. This means that instead of pure wood, marble, or metal look; we may get to see a combination of different metals, colored furniture, and materials throughout a single room. The trend is still catching up, but home addition contractors are adding it up to the list of their services and customizing their own designs.

So, how did you find these emerging interior designing trends? We hope they have set the creative gears in your head in motion and you are almost ready to type ‘home addition builders near me’ in your Google search bar.