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Paradise Construction is not only a company, but a group of individuals who stand together as a team. Our team is hand-picked to find the most talented and hard-working carpenters available in our industry. We have rigorous testing and on-site try-outs to seek out crew members who wholly reflect our ethos as a company. We take our hiring very seriously and it reflects in the quality of our work and the work ethic of our crew.

Nour Chaaban – Owner / Foreman / Lead Carpenter

Not only is Nour the owner and founder of our company, he is the captain of our crew, and he works tirelessly to ensure the ship will never sink. Nour comes from a long family line of contractors and engineers, giving him the insight to see every detail involved in a project, as well as being able to creatively problem-solve any issues that may come up during a project. In addition to having family ties to contracting, he also attended the University of Oregon and Lane Community College to study engineering, which ultimately led to him discovering his true passion in the contracting side of building. While working his way through school, he took on a laborer position with his Father-in-law’s construction company to put himself college. Little did he know, this would be the start of his hands-on career as a professional contractor. With over 10 years of construction industry experience, there’s very little he can’t do, and nothing he can’t learn and implement. Nour is a well-respected husband, brother, and leader.

Mark Haas – Foreman / Lead Carpenter

In every successful business, there are always unsung heroes, and Mark is exactly that for our company. With over 30 years of construction industry experience, Mark has a wealth of knowledge he’s accumulated over the years. As a California native, he was the owner of his own construction company for years, but decided to move up north to Oregon for a change in scenery and to explore new opportunities. Shortly after moving, Mark met Nour and the rest is history. Mark has been a vital part of Paradise Construction’s success, and he’s a valuable member of our team and company. He always has friendly and helpful demeanor, allowing him to share his valuable source of knowledge to the younger guys in the crew. Mark is a loving husband, father, and teammate.

Michael Hollen – Carpenter

Every company needs honest, hard-working, loyal, and dependable employees. Michael is the definition of these traits. He is truly a perfect example of someone who will put his head down, stay focused, and get things done. With almost 5 years of experience, he has consistantly proven to be a quick learner, and proves daily that he is a hard-worker. Michael is recently married, and he is a valued contributor to our company’s continued success.

Michael Cox – Carpenter

Good construction companies need an Iron Man, someone who is not only strong, but fearless as well. This is one of many roles that Mike thrives in. Mike is not only strong, but he is very hard-working as well. As a former Marine, he risked his life to serve our country during 2 tours overseas in 5 years. Since returning from his service, he’s had multiple jobs over the years, until finally finding his passion in construction. With over 3 years of construction experience, Mike is well on his way to becoming a well-rounded carpenter. Mike is a loving father, husband, brother, and does excellent cartoon character impressions.

Tristen Smith – Carpenter

When it comes to being dependable and inquisitive, Tristen has those qualities in spades. He is early to the jobsite every day, asks tons of questions to learn more than he knows, and he works hard to improve his skillset every day. While he is the least-experienced member of the crew, he more than makes up for it with his heart, curiosity, and work ethic. He has a very cool and calm demeanor, allowing him to consistantly learn and perform under pressure with great effectiveness. We are proud to have someone like Tristen on our team, as he is a perfect example of  someone who gives full effort every day and has the potential to be an exceptional carpenter.

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Andrew Sample – Office Manager / Client Relations